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I write and read, and seriously if you want to talk about a book, go on ahead. I will listen, and jump in if I can.
waitress: i'm sorry we're all out of mozzarella sticks
waitress: sir please stop crying
It’s one of my favorite parts of Once Upon a Time, besides acting with Ginny, —Josh Dallas, promising more Hook/Charming fun. (via laksanab)


school isn’t even about learning anymore, it’s about passing

mrfizzlessaysyourelying replied to your post“I have now seen all six season of Parks and Recreation and my life is…”
i finished it yesterday:(. i thought i still had 10 more episodes to go but i was wrong
I finished yesterday too. I knew there would be a seventh season, but now that I’ve seen that finale, I’m a bit surprised. I felt like it ended really great, although I would love more episodes because this show is literally one of the greatest things on earth.

Sounds delicious. Good, ‘cause you’re going to taste it.


Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes 

[Sammy - Season 9]

Its been a very tough year for Sam and Dean. But as long as Dean keeps calling Sam, “Sammy” you feel like things will be okay. 

I have now seen all six season of Parks and Recreation and my life is forever better because of it

To read or not to read, that’s not even a question

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